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Mental Health Self-Help Tool – Minplan App Kickstarts Campaign

September 10, 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark – MinPlan App - Mental Health Self-Help Tool has started a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to coincide with "World Suicide Prevention Week", to meet its goal of going global to reach every person in need worldwide. The suicide rate has been increasing drastically. Hundreds of thousands of people struggle in silence as they don't have help or
the necessary tool handy when needed. Minplan, a self-help tool which has evidence based, proven results is on a mission to fill in the missing gap around the world. A crucial link for those who are distressed, low personal control, mental issues, and lack of appropriate support.  The mobile app is designed to generate awareness of crisis symptoms by helping them address these issues, and acting reasonably in crisis situations without jeopardizing their own or other's lives. MinPlan hopes to assist in working through some mental health issues to:

  1. Security of life - with many safety features to ensure more secure life for both distressed, depressed individual and their families.
  2. Quality of life - improves quality of life as the distressed individual knows that they can handle crisis situation better using Minplan.
  3. Life Support - during a severe personal crisis, relatives often become fearful, and want to know the mental condition and whereabouts of the individual; using the Minplan App, relatives can check in and get updates in minutes.
  4. Respect for privacy - all information stored in Minplan will strictly be used for the personal purpose and will not be sold to or shared with any 3rd party.

MinPlan mobile app consists of 'empty spaces' where user enters information about their own symptoms of the personal crisis, which can be further linked to personalized strategies for coping, such as:

  1. Directly linked to the selected contact person
  2. Hotlines
  3. Map directions to the nearest hospital
  4. Supervised built-in peer-to-peer support
  5. Cloud-based app so that individual and
  6. relatives can access it on multiple devices, simultaneously
  7. User-friendly
  8. Helps in fighting stigma worldwide
  9. Share My Location' feature so that user in crisis can be located by family or friends

It is worth stating here that Minplan is a scientific self-help tool, designed to help an individual in crisis to recover and achieve mental health. It is built with help from a large group of people with suicidal ideation and a team of reputable international researchers; It aims to empower such individual with strong coping skills so that they can create the life they wish.

Jette Louise Skovgaard Larsen, Founder, a scientific sociologist, and entrepreneur from Denmark aims at going global with Minplan seeks more funding for this purpose. You can follow the Kickstarter fundraising campaign PRESS HERE and continue to share the campaign here or via their website at

Minplan "Myplan" is a safety plan in the form of a mobile app to manage a personal crisis effectively. Any person, young or old, may at times experience considerable stress due to various reasons. It may be fear of failure in school or college, drastic change in career, unexpected loss in business, or emotional upheaval in personal life. It helps the individual identify the warning signs beforehand, recognize them when they come into play, and take corrective action by seeking help from the nearest counselor or form a trusted friend or relative. MYPLAN is a simple and versatile tool which can be translated and customized according to local needs in any country.

At present, there is little evidence-based research on the effect of apps intended for preventing suicides. A Danish research project has recently received 3.2 million Kr. ($ 500.000) from the Danish Trygfonden to examine the effectiveness of an app-based safety plan for people at risk of suicide. The project will apply focus group interviews, workshops as well as a randomised clinical trial. A major priority of the project is user involvement and feedback will be collected through focus group interviews and a user panel. The newly appointed user panel consists of people sampled across age groups who have experiences using the app.

MYPLAN app was first developed in Denmark during 2013 and was successfully tested in suicide prevention clinics across the country. It was later introduced in Norway with an equal measure of success. There are more than 10000 downloads in these two countries. Both users and clinicians have given positive feedback about this app to fight against emotional distress leading to suicide. This app remains within the reach of the user at all times inside the mobile device they use regularly. Hence, there is no fear of forgetting it elsewhere they need it badly which is the greatest advantage. In addition, this app makes use of a storage solution for keeping personal information safely using the internet. There is no need to worry if someone will inadvertently come across the personal information.

"We are very happy about the support from TrygFonden which enables us to improve the features of MYPLAN to suit the needs of users, " says Jette L.S.Larsen, developer of MYPLAN.