How Minplan works?
The days of paper safety plans are over. Minplan is a digital solution that gives freedom to the user by having the safety plan at hand on their mobile device.


Minplan features

Here is a brief list of some of the features on Minplan. To read in full, then scroll down to read more.


  • Mobile convenience
  • Engaging
  • Daily user notifications
  • Synchs across devices
  • Storage
  • Knowledge bank
  • Emergencies
  • relatives
  • Easy archiving
  • Tracking



Features overview

Mobile Convenience

Designed for the mobile Web, Minplan runs on any laptop, tablet or smartphone based on Android or IOS (90%) of the world market.


Built-in social mechanics, such as chat, GPS monitoring, and knowledge sharing ensures strong user engagement.

Daily User Notifications

Notification formats include email and push notifications to mobile apps.


Synchs Across Devices

Minplan synchs all information so it’s always up to date regardless of which of the above-mentioned devices is used.


Information in Minplan can either be stored in the cloud or on the users' mobile devices.

Knowledge bank

Minplan is also a dynamic knowledge bank to support the needs of relatives, users, and professionals. Information can, if allowed, be extracted for analysis or support.



Minplan Has interactive maps with route proposals to help users find their way to the nearest emergency room or professionals that can help during critical situations. Contacts that can assist with remote support are also flagged in Minplan.


Relatives can create their own plans and strategies. Enabling themselves to deal with hard times or critical situations.

Easy archiving

In the case of hospitalization or other crisis situations, the safety plans can be printed or sent by mail (PDF) to the professional therapist. Thus can Minplan be an integrated part of the patient's medical journal in the hospital.


Professionals and relatives can track and monitor the user's mood and whereabouts by using the GPS functionality. Ensuring optimal conditions for the users safety and minimum worries for relatives.

Various solutions
We offer a flexible solution that will meet your specific needs. From the most basic functionality to a full-blown cloud solution.

Basic solution

Simple functionality - ready to support your setup.

  • Supports Android and iOS
  • Local storage on a mobile device
  • Yearly license fee
  • GPS functionality

Cloud solution

A solution that offers flexibility, scalability, and freedom.

  • Supports Android and iOS, possible to add more.
  • Cloud storage
  • Yearly license fee
  • GPS functionality
  • Integration of websites
  • Analytics / worldwide knowledge bank
  • Social interactivity with professionals and relatives
  • Easy archiving
  • Multilingual

Please try the free version on Minplan here, or if you live in Denmark (iOS / Android), or if you live in Norway (iOS / Android)