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Your choice in the time of personal crisis.

The best mental health solution for people in severe crisis and their caregiver

NEWS: Minplan wins two prices summer 2023

01..06.23 The prizes came with various benefits that propel Minplan forward. They included cash grants, mentorship programs, access to networks of industry experts and media exposure.

NEWS: Art Challenge

01.03.23 Minplan holds an art challenge on social media. Everybody can help create awareness and support people fight mental health crises.

NEWS: Minplan receives a grant

01.12.22 The grant supports building psychological safety and empowerment for people in mental crisis and their nearest caregivers/ relatives

“I am constantly reminded that I need to distract and realign myself when the dark thoughts come”

Mark William 34 year

"It has made me very aware that I am responsible for finding strategies to get through the tough times"

Adriana Jensen 18 year

"Minplan saved my life! I had a clear plan but with the help of Minplan, I won"

Free online crisis management tool

Try our new tool develop to help you gain control and empowerment

A Solution You Can Trust

It serves as a practical resource to empower you in crisis, providing you with a roadmap to navigate through difficult times and access the necessary support and resources.

No integration needed

This stand-alone software works 100% without a backend clinical software solution.


GPDR compliant

The Minplan GDPR compliance demonstrates the consistent commitment to data protection, privacy rights, and global compliance.


The solution is developed by researchers, people with suicidal ideation, relatives and clinical staff.


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2610 Rødovre.


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