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Is lying common for people in mental crisis?

Is lying a symptom of a mental health crisis? Lying is common in society, and people lie for a variety of reasons. Is lying associated with mental illness? NO. We are not aware of any research that shows whether people with mental illnesses are more likely to lie. However, keeping a record of your relative´s lies or manipulative behavior may be beneficial. It could be advantageous to the doctor in the future. Remember that if someone has delusional beliefs, they will believe anything they say, no matter how strange it sounds. These aren´t fabrications. In such cases, you should seek professional assistance.

Lying is intentionally saying something that is not true. People may tell lies to:

  • cover up embarrassing events
  • boost their ego
  • get a job
  • get more money, sex, power, or whatever else they desire
  • protect others, or
  • influence others behavior.

How to help

If you question your relative about a lie, they may become defensive. But keep in mind that lying is not a part of a mental crisis. As a result, if you decide to challenge a lie, having evidence to prove it is a lie can be useful. Try to avoid saying “you´re lying” or “that´s a lie. If you don´t have any evidence, you can try questioning them. However, your relative may accuse you of not trusting them. You might find it useful to reassure them that you believe them, but that you want to learn more about the situation because you are concerned.

Trying to take advantage of you

You may suspect that your relative is lying to you in order to obtain money from you. If you are unwilling to give them money, explain why. If you are willing to provide cash but want to test a possible lie, inquire as to why they require the funds. If you believe they are lying, you could offer to buy them something. If your relative is having financial difficulties, you could try to assist them by teaching them how to budget or referring them to a money charity.

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