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Overcoming a mental crisis – I got better habits and better practice.

Read about how I overcame a mental crisis and developed better habits and practices. My name is Andrew, and I am 44 years old (actually, 21 with 23 years experience). Sue and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage next February. Our three children are quickly growing up and heading off on their own. I suffer from bipolar disorder as well as celiac disease. I could not walk outside by myself before joining Minplan. I was having a severe mental breakdown and was terrified of doing something terrible, and I couldn´t breathe.

Sue was casually browsing the various apps on my phone when she came across a Minplan advertisement on Facebook. At the very least, we should have a plan for improving my mental health and sharing my work with Sue. 

With Minplan, we have found ourselves

Developing a new habit takes time, so we must not become discouraged in reminding ourselves to do so. After serving in the Royal Air Force for over 25 years and Jaguar Land Rover for 18 years, I was accustomed to following the same procedures and organizing things in the same way, even though it was unhealthy for me. I´ve learned a lot since I started my journey. Some things I already knew but hadn´t registered, and some I hadn´t even considered. I now have a much better understanding of how to change my mindset. So the most significant change I´m making is to my mental health. It has been necessary for me to concentrate solely on myself. Coping strategies are becoming routine, and I´ve recently begun to focus on relaxation and stress-reduction techniques that I would never have attempted six months ago.

Would I recommend Minplan? Of course!

It is an excellent program for breaking you out of old “habits” and instilling new and better habits and practices, ranging from mindfulness to empowerment.

Thank you to everyone at Minplan for helping us take control of our lives and get them back on track so we can enjoy the rest of our lives.

You can give Minplan a try. Consider your warning signs first, then list your strategies for forming better routines and practices. Minplan can be found here.

Jean: “Minplan have changed my life!”


Having a healthy relationship with someone in mental crisis