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From expensive therapy to Minplan

I have tried many therapy groups and joined many groups, some have been successful, some I have walked out of after the first meeting. I was introduced to Minplan by my sister and my initial reaction was that an online platform wasn’t for me, I needed ‘real’ people to help me. But then I went away, read about it, and completed the onboarding program.

I found the first week really existing, not because I was not worried and in grief but because I couldn’t stop thinking about what I could do with it. That was the motivation I needed to continue. Week after week I keep working on my coping strategies and the Hopebook and in the end, I became a much happier person. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would be possible.


Embracing the challenges

Changes aren’t always easy. There are also challenges along the way. The relationship with my partners had to undergo some changes. We had to talk through some detail on what to do in crisis situations, the key is planning ahead and thinking things through so that there is no temptation. The biggest challenge has been finding new strategies that I enjoy so that I keep them up and make time for it. I’m trying different things and have found some which I now do daily, and some which I do weekly. Like yoga, deep breathing, and positive thinking. The reality is that it’s far easier than I had imagined. And Mindplan reminds us that it is OK to fail, everybody fails.

The best thing about Minplan has been the Inspirationbank and the Hopebook. I have done some very nice work, which I share with my children. They all also contribute to the different elements, and the Hopebook is now full of hope and joy.  My husband uses it a lot and the group chats really help with keeping up the hope. Also, it lets you know that you’re not on this journey alone and others share your worries.
Just having someone in the network to turn to when my confidence slips, or when I have a niggling question, is brilliant. Also, I love the deep thinking that involves. I didn’t think an online app could ever be helpful, but I have been proved wrong!

Continuing to learn along the way

Since beginning my journey I’ve learned a lot. Some things I already knew but which hadn’t registered and some which I just hadn’t even thought of before. I now have a much better understanding of how I can change my mindset. So the biggest change I am making is to my wellbeing. For me, it has been important to focus only on myself. The coping strategies is sort of becoming routine, and I have recently started to focus on relaxation and stress-reducing techniques which I would not have attempted at all 6 months ago.

Of cause I worry about my husband, but I know it’s possible to reach my happy place, I just need to work on turning the steps I have taken into everyday habits.

If, like me, you struggle taking care of someone you love, give Minplan a try. So if you want to be connected with others, and provided with resources on how to live a healthy mental life, while you are worried about your loved one, the Mindplan is the key you need to unlock the happier you!

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