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Minplan changed my life – how to recover from mental crisis

Hi, I’m Jean, a 42-year-old and this is a note about how I recovered from mental crisis. I am a teaching assistant from Ireland. I was initially introduced to Minplan by my GP because I was outburned and needed some tools to cope with life. How lucky was I, in a way, not because of being mentally challenged but introduced to new and more healthy coping strategies!

I was strong, healthy, and competitive in chess as a young person. About 20 years ago, I had an accident and was diagnosed with whiplash; my mood slowly changed, and I have had problems with mental crises since. When it is worse, I cannot get out of bed; I live and eat in my bedroom.

Because of sleeping problems, I’ve had to eat medicine, and more recently diagnosed with migraine and all of the issues that come with that!

Getting to grips with Minplan

Initially, all the reading and getting used to the app was quite easy, I did it without problems. There were a lot of video guides in Minplan, which helped with this.

After getting used to the app, I loved it; tracking my mood days and seeing it come ‘up the hill’ was encouraging. As soon as I started on Minplan, I felt happier and was sleeping better.

I loved the video guides and sent them to my parents to learn about the methods, and now they are using Minplan! The section where you can share your work on the app is excellent too.

It was great to be reminded about my network and the friendship I have with people near me. Some of them I can speak privately to, and they give me massive encouragement! Yes, the app was working for me!

Family support

My family is also enjoying their Minplan, and they are building up the Hope book so that we can share hope and goals for the future. Also, they like getting notifications about my mood rating to call me and cheer me up when it is going the wrong way and I am heading to a new mental crisis.

Because of my problems, Christmas is always a difficult time for me, having a big family…but this year was a little different. My parents and I made an action plan for what to do, and we talked things through, so they knew what I would prefer, and I knew about their plans. That helped a lot, so we did not have to use energy in the Christmass, satisfying all!

What next?

So Minplan is very helpful, and every morning I go through my work in the app, so I am prepared for the day and the great challenges and a super bonus!

Minplan you have changed my life! Thank you so much for that!

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