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Poul: “This is what quality of life is about”

 A bit about you

My name is Poul, and I’m currently in a perfect place. I say nowadays, but I know now that I’m doing this for life. I’m not following a rigid plan but a healthier mindset that facilitates what I want to do in life.

I’m 67 and have been taking care of my wife for many years. She had bipolar disorder, and I was worried all the time and afraid of what she would do. I’ve had a very unhealthy mindset for most of my life, and it has dominated my happiness and life. I can honestly say that I have also been depressed..

A new year, a fresh start

I made my mind that I had to change in January of this year. I was so unhappy about my life, but I had to change things because of my family and grandchildren. I was so sorry; I didn’t even want to go to the hairdressers as I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror.

Finding help

Fed up and miserable, my children told me about Replan. I liked that it was evidence-based, aimed at reducing the risk of personal crisis, and sounded doable. I went for it! I’ve already been to the park and made new friends. I also consider getting myself a dog. I’ve learned that this process is long-term and that making the odd mistake or falling off-plan is a learning opportunity.

What benefits have you seen?

Apart from having a healthy mindset, I feel better following Replan. I have buckets of energy, and my sleep has improved. Others have commented on how well I look and my glowing eyes. I do love my life. My emphasis has shifted to being healthy physically and mentally.

The changes to my life by joining Replan have been significant. I enjoy the different challenges and planning healthy living.

As you can tell, I’m sold on Replan. It has been the best investment in myself I have ever made. My children and grandchildren also love it; it’s improved our relationships, and they helped me build up my Hope book.


Transferrable into everyday life

Importantly I feel confident now; I am in a sustainable period and can easily maintain it in my life. About three weeks ago I was on holiday in the French Alps. This was the first time I had been traveling in a long time, and it was liberating. This is what quality of life is about, and I can’t thank Replan enough.


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