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A little about me

I’m Andrew and am 44 years of age (actually, 21 with 23 years experience). I am married to Sue and celebrate 15 years of being married next February. Our three children are soon grown up and are doing their own thing. I have bipolar disorder and coeliac disease. Prior to joining Minplan, I could not walk outside alone. I was afraid of doing something terrible, and I could not breathe.

Sue was casually meandering through the various apps on my phone when Sue happened upon a Minplan advert on Facebook. At least we should have a structured approach to improving my mental health and a way to share my work with Sue. After all, it not only worked on me but our family and habits as well. 

“With Minplan we have found ourselves”

Getting into a new habit takes time, of course, so we mustn’t get despondent in reminding ourselves to do this. Having been in the Royal Air Force for over 25 years and with Jaguar Land Rover for 18 years, I was very used to following the same procedures and organizing things the same way. Even though it was not healthy for me. Since beginning my journey, I’ve learned a lot. Some things I already knew but which hadn’t registered and some which I just hadn’t even thought of before. I now have a much better understanding of changing my mindset. So the most significant change I am making is to my mental health. For me, it has been necessary to focus only on myself. The coping strategies are becoming routine, and I have recently started to focus on relaxation and stress-reducing techniques that I would not have attempted at all six months ago.

Would I recommend Minplan? Of course!

It is an excellent program to get you out of your old ”habits” and instill new and better practices, from mindfulness to empowerment.

Thank you all at Minplan for enabling us to get hold of our lives and get them on track to enjoy the rest of our lives.

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