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Having a healthy relationship with someone in mental crisis

My name is Noah, and Id like to offer some advice on living with someone who is experiencing a mental health crisis. Severe mental illness in the family can be hazardous to both children and adults, but it is no different than any other disease or situation. Sometimes the recovery is quick, and other times it takes longer. People who spend a long time in such an environment are more likely to develop mental illness in the future.

Four pieces of advice

The good news is that a healthy, loving, and long-term relationship can be maintained with someone who is experiencing a severe mental crisis. My advice is to take it seriously from the start. Our role as the closest caregiver makes a significant difference, but we must also take care of ourselves. The most important points to remember are:

1. Family life can become unstable and unpredictable as the needs of patients become paramount. Research shows that many family members have to quit their jobs once, while others leave their hobbies. I, therefore, think that it is essential to pay attention to this part. As a relative, you need to care for yourself, not burn out.

2. Parents and other family members frequently feel guilty. Family members are quick to blame themselves or feel guilty. You are not to blame!

3. Stay close. Even if you believe your actions and support are insignificant, those in mental distress most likely do not think so. Knowing you are there for them can be crucial to their recovery. You can assist your loved one by using the Minplan app which is designed to assist you in recognizing warning signs and providing crisis management strategies.

4. Remember that having realistic expectations is critical. Recovering from a mental illness is rarely an easy process, with both gains and setbacks possible. With your family member´s permission, you may collaborate with their therapy team to provide assistance.

You can also get help through the Minplan app, which you can download here.

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