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Have you, as a carer, ever been so frustrated that you didn’t know what to do?

Being a carer for someone in severe psychological crisis is extremely stressful for you and your family. You may feel like you are losing control, being alone, and not having access to the knowledge and insight you need

Take the first steps

As a carer for a person in severe crisis, the first important step is to ensure immediate safety and provide support

Ensure Immediate Safety:

If there is an immediate danger, do not leave the person alone. Remove any means that could be used for self-harm.

Open Communication:

Use empathetic and non-confrontational language. For example, “I’m here for you. Let’s talk about what you’re going through.”

Create a Safety plan:

Develop a crisis plan that includes emergency contacts, steps to take during a crisis, and resources such as crisis hotlines and mental health professionals.

Encounter the obstacles

And learn how to overcome them

Feeling isolated and alone in managing the crisis.

Reach out to other family members, friends, or support groups for help. Ensure you have a support network in place.

Feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

Maintain patience and hope, and celebrate small victories along the way. Keep reminding yourself and your loved one that recovery is possible.

Not knowing what to do in a crisis situation.

Download Minplan and develop a detailed safety plan that includes emergency contacts, steps to take during a crisis, and important resources.

Lack of knowledge and insight

Utilize resources in Minplan and involve a support network. Also, use Minplan and learn to find courses of action with the person in crisis

Minplan resolves problems you may experience as a carer. Minplan is your solution



Minplan offers a vital solution for caregivers by effectively addressing the challenges you may encounter. Whether navigating through crises or managing ongoing care, Minplan provides a structured approach that enhances support.
By integrating digital safety plans and involving caregivers early in the process, Minplan ensures that families can respond swiftly and effectively to the challenges.

This proactive approach empowers caregivers with essential tools and fosters a supportive environment where individuals in crisis receive timely assistance. Minplan is a reliable partner for caregivers and offers a practical solution that makes a meaningful difference in your lives.

“Even when I feel alone with my thoughts, Minplan empowers me to involve my family and share crucial knowledge”.


39 years

“I felt abandoned, left to navigate alone without assistance. However, Minplan acts as a dialogue tool between us, guiding us through”.


67 years

Turn to Minplan when you need extra assistance 

Trust Worthy

Minplan is based on the latest knowledge and is kept up to date, so you can help your patients overcome severe crises.

Network of professional partners worldwide

Minplan is a part of a worldwide network of professional partners working with people in crisis.

Become a partner

We collaborate with hospitals, municipalities, governments, NGOs, and universities to improve safety plans.

Download Minplan

Download Minplan for repeated reassurance and guidance during challenging times. It’s your essential tool for managing crises effectively and ensuring ongoing support.

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