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“You must continue to focus on the strategies until sustainable solutions are found.”

Clinician, 63 years Denmark

As a clinician, you can utilize our free version of Minplan as the safety plan for your patient.

What we Do

We build safety plans together for the benefit of the patient

Immediate Crisis Management

Minplan plan provides step-by-step guidance for what to do during a crisis, helping the patient manage intense emotions and thoughts in a structured way.

Environmental Safety:

Minplan addresses means restriction, which involves removing or securing potential means of self-harm, thereby reducing the risk of impulsive actions.

Empowerment and Control

Having Minplan empowers the patient by giving them a sense of control over their situation and a proactive role in managing their mental health.

Resources & Tools

Useful Resources for Safety Planning

Warning signs and strategies

Easy overview of warning signs and coping strategies, so the person in crisis can quickly start de-escalating the crisis.

Mood rating

Mood rating can quickly track and monitor emotional states over time, helping users identify patterns.

Planner and calendar

Feature help the users schedule tasks, doctor appointments, and events efficiently and share them with their carers.

Nearest help and emergengies

An overview of emergencies and help provides quick access to emergency contacts, resources, and instructions.

Minplan contain the following elements

These components work together to provide a comprehensive approach to managing and mitigating crises, ensuring the patient has multiple layers of support and strategies to stay safe

Warning Signs

Identify the thoughts, moods, or behaviors that indicate a crisis may be developing

Coping Strategies

List personal strategies and activities the patient can use to manage their distress without needing external help

Social Contacts for Distraction

Include the names and contact information of people or social settings that can help distract the patient

Professional Help

Provide information for healthcare professionals or crisis hotlines that the patient can reach out to in an emergency.

Safe Environment

Detail steps to make the environment safe by removing or securing any items that could be used for self-harm.

Emergency Contacts

Include emergency services contact information, such as local emergency numbers or the nearest emergency department.

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Worldwide mission

Join us in leveraging our expertise and technology to prevent serious crises worldwide through effective safety plans.

Innovative approach

Join us and our innovative approach and dedicated research team. We strive to make a positive impact, offering hope and saving lives for those struggling with their mental health.

A Decade of Trust

Minplan has a decade of experience providing trustworthy solutions for mental crisis management and suicide prevention.

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