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How Minplan works.

A digital suicide prevention safety plan is a specialized form of safety planning designed to support individuals who may be at risk of severe mental crisis, suicidal thoughts or behaviors. It involves developing a personalized plan to help manage emotions, cope with crises, and access appropriate support. Here’s an overview of how a Minplan works.

Fill Out Your Minplan app on your own or with a near caregiver


In the most simple form, a safety plan contains different modules to fill out with your own personal knowledge about what might help. Here’s an overview of how a safety plan works:

Identification of Warning Signs

The safety plan starts by identifying the warning signs or triggers that indicate you may be at risk of a personal crisis. These warning signs could include feelings of hopelessness, withdrawal from social activities, or sudden changes in mood or behavior.

Internal Coping Strategies

The plan includes a list of internal coping strategies that you can use to manage distressing emotions or thoughts. These may involve relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises, engaging in hobbies or activities, or writing in a journal.

Social Support

The safety plan identifies trusted individuals who can provide support during difficult times. This may include family members, friends, or mental health professionals. The plan outlines ways to reach out to these individuals and establish a support network.

Identify Professional Support

The safety plan includes contact information for mental health professionals, crisis helplines, or suicide prevention hotlines. This ensures that the individual knows how to access immediate help when needed.

Safe Environment

Creating a safe environment is crucial in a suicide prevention safety plan. The plan may involve removing or securing any means of self-harm, such as medications or dangerous objects. It also includes identifying safe spaces or activities that can provide a sense of comfort and distraction


Distraction Techniques

The safety plan suggests specific distraction techniques or activities that the individual can engage in during times of distress. These activities aim to redirect their focus away from negative thoughts and promote a more positive mindset.

And remember Minplan is so much more

Enhanced Crisis Management


In situations of immediate crisis, the Minplan outlines step-by-step actions to take. This may involve contacting emergency services, reaching out to a designated emergency contact, or going to a hospital or crisis center.


Regular Review and Update


Minplan is a dynamic tool that is regularly reviewed and updated. Minplan is a strong and powerful tool. This provides you with effectiveness and makes adjustments as needed, and ensures that all contact information and strategies are current.


State of the art


Minplan to monitor users’ well-being continuously. By tracking changes in behavior, sentiment and engagement patterns, Minplan identify deviations from the individual’s baseline and raises red flags when there is a potential escalation of risk. 

Adaptive learning


Minplan can learn from user interactions, feedback, and outcomes to improve the app’s accuracy and effectiveness. This adaptive learning approach helps refine risk assessment models, intervention strategies, and support recommendations, making the Minplan more attuned to individual needs

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