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How Minplan works

Help people to deal with a mental crisis.

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Personal and customisable

Keep track of symptoms and well-being. The solution helps you learn more about your challenges and what influences your daily day.

Supporting tools

We provide the necessary adaptive tools to practice helpful coping skills in day-to-day life. Likewise, we provide different action plans for difficult situations.

Scalable Monitoring

As a tool for personalized monitoring and preventive support. We help to empower the supportive network and resources in each critical situation.


We provide digital self-help tools to help people deal with a mental crisis

Period of isolation resulting from the pandemic Covid-19 makes digital self-help solutions more relevant than ever. Therefore we aim to raise user awareness of early mental crises and supports users and relatives in performing deviant actions that reduce the risk of escalation.

We develop our solutions in close collaboration with patients, relatives, high-profile researchers, and clinical staff in Australia and Denmark.



Our mobile health solution:

  • Engages and empowers individuals.
  • Minplan Improves the user’s insight regarding symptoms, coping strategies, and network.
  • Helps the user by providing assessments and ongoing personal monitoring.

“It has made me very aware that I am responsible for finding strategies to get through the tough times”.


23 years

“I am constantly reminded that I need to distract and realign myself when the dark thoughts come”


40 years

A Solution You Can Trust

We aim to empower people to deal with a mental crisis

No integration needed

This stand alone software works 100% without a backend clinical software solution.


GPDR compliant

The Minplan GDPR compliance demonstrates the consistent commitment to data protection, privacy rights, and global compliance.

research based

The solution is developed in cooperation with researchers, people with suicidal ideation, relatives, and clinical staff.


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Visit our library and see a presentation of the research and projects