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We help swift your mindset with the help of safety planning so you can control and track mental crises

By track you mental crisis by your phone, we’ll give you the knowledge and support your needs, so you feel empowered to take on whatever comes next.


What We Can Do For You

Minplan rethinks the way people are dealing with a personal crisis by making it possible for the user and relatives to follow the daily mental status and intervene when it is necessary. In this way, we aim to provide a feeling of awareness, belongingness, and social connection and by this, we raise mental awareness and mental health.

Minplan is a self-help tool that increases cross-cutting knowledge sharing, reduces the risk of critical sector transitions, and reduces the complexity for the patients and relatives. Create continuity and flexibility for patients by increasing the opportunity for communication and cooperation across sectors.

Self-help tool

The method in Minplan is “best practice” within Safety Plan Intervention. It was developed with citizens, psychiatric patients, clinicians, and researchers.

Encrypted communication

Encrypted video and text communication enable secure knowledge sharing. The communication can be extracted as a PDF and journaled.


A cross-cutting solution that places the citizen at the center.

Prevent hospitalization

The data is followed by AI through easy and hard times. Learning the user to intervene in time.

Free app solution provided to you by Minplan®

Minplan provides an individual solution that can help you increase awareness. You can learn more about what you are struggling with and how to support yourself and your loved one by our crisis tracking app.

Track mental crisis by your phone, and play a more active role in helping yourself. We want to empower you to manage your life better while living with severe mental crises.


Find piece of mind

You’ll gain practical knowledge and insights you can put into action right away.

Be prepared for the next crisis

Prepare yourself for better management of the severe mental crisis by tracking data and insights.

Where to seek help?

Get instant support when in need. And get directions to the nearest emergency

GPDR complaint

We are happy to announce hereby that we are compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR).

Minplan tracks mental crises

Feel on top of everything with the app by taking control of the situations, documenting the development, getting new habits, and discovering the way to recovery for yourself as a relative. You’ll see your progress and stay motivated


Reach out and call the emergency telephone line and support hotlines.

Understand your warning signs

Get an overview of your warning signs and learn to identify your triggers.

What gives you the strenght?

Learn how to better manage your situation and personalized your plans for the future

Build your own solution

The safety plan intends to help individuals lower their imminent risk for severe self-harm by consulting a predetermined set of potential coping strategies. Also, Minplan provides a list of individuals or agencies you can contact when a crisis emerges. Minplan tracks mental crises and is built upon Best Practices within severe crisis management.


Control the level of choice, influence, and actions in your life. And aim for a good quality of life

With stronger relationships and family support in mental health recovery, the loved one is set up for success. But it often puts an extra burden on the rest of the family. Minplan helps build a framework for the families, monitor expectations, and set goals.

Share knowledge and agreement

And being able to make better decisions on time.

Shared knowledge, dreams, and agreements provide a platform for better decision-making, which empowers the family to see various options based on their values, preferences, and goals.

Reach the goals

Prevent escalation in a severe mental crisis. And reach your goals as a family during a crisis.

For people severely affected by mental crises, it’s important to plan ahead. Minplan tracks mental crises and helps you make decisions such as where to go and seek help and what methods you can use to calm yourself and each other in an emergency.

Above all, you and your nearest caregiver should know how to reach out to your network in case of an emergency.

It has made me very aware that I am responsible for finding strategies to get me through tough times


Interviews with families severely affected by mental illness in the families J.L.S. Larsen (12/2014)

Male user, 23 år, Copenhagen


Questions and answers about Minplan and digital support for families and relatives

Minplan aims to create accessibly, connected, and effective help and support for each individual family.

How can I delete my profile

Find Profile under settings. Here can users delete their profile and all data at any time.

Who is Minplan for?

Minplan is a digital self-help tool, which helps people manage severe mental crises. Minplan is also a solution for the family, relative, and peers severely affected by someone in mental crisis.

Is there any learning material?

The apps have a series of videos that explain how the individual modules work. The videos can be seen directly through the apps.

How can Replan help me and my family?

  • It provides you and your fmaily with a tool to help improve your situation 
  • Minplan helps you understand more about how your day-to-day behaviour influences your family
  • It provides you and your family with personalized plans for situations in which you  and your family feel unwell or find it difficult to cope


Where can I download the Minplan and how much does it cost?

The Minplan app is free of charge and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. We have a premium version coming up.


The scientific background

The  Minplan app are built upon the method called Safety Plan Intervention. Read more in our library here

GDPR complaint

Minplan International value your privacy and want to be clear about the data we collect, how we use it, and your rights to control that information.

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