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What We Can Do For You

Minplan rethinks the way people are dealing with a personal crisis by making it possible for the user and relatives to follow the daily mental status and intervene when it is necessary. In this way, we aim to provide a feeling of awareness, belongingness, and social connection and by this, we raise mental awareness and mental health.

Minplan is a self-help tool that increases cross-cutting knowledge sharing, reduces the risk of critical sector transitions, and reduces the complexity for the patients and relatives. Create continuity and flexibility for patients by increasing the opportunity for communication and cooperation across sectors.

Self-help tool

The method in Minplan is “best practice” within Safety Plan Intervention. It was developed with citizens, psychiatric patients, clinicians, and researchers.

Encrypted communication

Encrypted video and text communication enable secure knowledge sharing. The communication can be extracted as a PDF and journaled.


A cross-cutting solution that places the citizen at the center.

Prevent hospitalization

The data is followed by AI through easy and hard times. Learning the user to intervene in time.

Our Specialties - Safety planning

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