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About us

Empowering Mental Health through Innovative Technology.

Minplan is a groundbreaking mental health startup dedicated to revolutionizing the way we approach and address mental crises. Leveraging the power of innovative technology, our company aims to provide accessible and personalized mental health support to individuals around the world.

Nobody should go through this alone!

The core of our mission is to save lives. We understand that mental well-being is as important as physical health and believe that technology can play a transformative role in improving mental health outcomes.

Our flagship product is a user-friendly mobile application designed to empower individuals in their personal rises.  Through a seamless and intuitive interface, users can access a wide range of features and resources that promote self-care, resilience, and copying strategies.

Crisis Support and Resources

Minplan includes crisis intervention resources, such as helpline numbers and emergency contact information. In times of immediate need, users can access these resources directly within the app to ensure timely support.

Mood Tracking and Analytics

Through mood tracking features, users can monitor their crises, identify patterns, and gain insights into their mental health over time. This valuable data can be used to inform self-care strategies. And maybe this can  facilitate meaningful discussions with the nearest caregivers.

Virtual Support Network

We understand the importance of human connection in mental health journeys. Our app facilitates support networks, allowing users to connect with the nearest caregivers who can support the journey and share the experiences.

“I am constantly reminded that I need to distract and realign myself when the dark thoughts come”

"It has made me very aware that I am responsible for finding strategies to get through the tough times"

"Minplan saved my life! I had a clear plan but with the help of Minplan, I won"

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