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The research behind Minplan

Multiple research teams around the world has been involved in developing and investigating the use of Minplan focusing on suicide prevention and crisis management. The common goal is to understand and address the complexities of suicide, together they have made significant strides in improving mental health outcomes for people in severe mental crises and saving lives.

Led by diverse group of psychology, psychiatry, social work, and data analysis experts, the research team combines their knowledge and experience to develop evidence-based strategies and interventions. They understand the urgent need to tackle the global issue of suicide and are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that make a tangible impact.

Through rigorous research methodologies and collaborations with mental health professionals, community organizations, and individuals with lived experiences, the team has conducted extensive studies on suicide prevention and safety plans. These projects have yielded valuable insights, which have informed the development and refinement of the Minplan’s features and functionalities.



Risk Assessment and Early Detection

The teams has developed advanced algorithms that can identify early warning signs of suicide risk by analyzing various data points, including language patterns, social media activity, and demographic information. Their work has significantly enhanced the app’s ability to detect individuals at risk and provide timely intervention.

Safety Plan Development

Through extensive research and user feedback, the teams has crafted comprehensive safety plans within the app. These plans empower individuals to create personalized strategies for managing suicidal thoughts and building resilience. The team’s expertise ensures that the safety plans are evidence-based, effective, and user-friendly.

User-Centered Design

The research teams has conducted in-depth user studies to understand the needs and preferences of individuals struggling with suicidal ideation. By incorporating user feedback into the app’s design and functionality, they have created a user-centered experience that fosters engagement, trust, and long-term usage

Overview of Minplan global research

Minplan has partners and research projects at these locations.  The research team’s contributions have had a profound impact on the field of suicide prevention and safety planning. Their dedication to evidence-based practices, user-centered design, and collaborative partnerships has elevated the quality of mental health support provided by the Minplan app.

By combining their expertise with cutting-edge technology, the research teams at  Minplan are transforming the way we approach suicide prevention. Their work not only saves lives but also instills hope, resilience, and empowerment in individuals who are navigating the complexities of their mental health.

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