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Please share your story.

Because nobody should go through this alone.

Thank you for sharing!

If you are a person in recovery, maybe it is time to rethink some of that anonymity. To come out of the shadows and shout to the world. We are overcomers, and we have hope to share!

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Vedelavej 22

2610 Rødovre


“It has made me very aware that I am responsible for finding strategies to get through the tough times”.


23 years

“I am constantly reminded that I need to distract and realign myself when the dark thoughts come”


40 years

A Solution You Can Trust

We aim to empower individuals and relatives at a lower cost through an evidence-based mHealth solution. 

No integration needed

This stand alone software works 100% without a backend clinical software solution 


GPDR compliant

The Minplan GDPR compliance demonstrates the consistent commitment to data protection, privacy rights, and global compliance

research based

The solution is developed with researchers, people with suicidal ideation, relatives and clinical staff


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Visit our library and see a presentation of the research and projects