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Starting without hope in a severe mental crisis.

I never thought I could be happy again; I started without any hope in a severe mental crisis! I had given up on ever being able to go out with friends. I was morbidly obese and extremely unhealthy, tired, and unhappy most of the time. I wouldn’t say I liked the psychiatric industry and saw all therapy as a way to make money. I do not know what I was at my most challenging days as I never actually felt myself; I couldn’t face it.

I had a severe mental crisis and was scared of having a breakdown due to my daughter’s suffering and the family’s situation. Going out shopping exhausted me and caused guilt because I had a little piece of joy. I refused almost all invitations to go out.

There is a common conception that a relative to a person suffering is the pillar in their life. In my case, it was exactly it and I did not have any hope myself. But I hated that my daughter’s illness controlled me/us, how I was constantly worrying, and nothing satisfied me, and how I was out of control with my thoughts, I actually had a personal mental crisis.


From outside to inside with Minplan

Then by chance, I stumbled upon Minplan at the Appstore. The only thing that attracted me was that it said ‘Evidence-based.’ But I didn’t trust it even then. I signed up in desperation but felt flat and started without any hope. I didn’t believe I could get any help. I soon discovered that I was very wrong!

Before starting with Minplan, you used the onboarding program on the website. Things like preparing your network, seeing how the methods work, and the sample of valuable items were all very active and helped. But of course, and cleverly, this was also helping to prepare me mentally for the journey I was about to start. For me, it was like prepping to climb a mountain as I had such a long way to go!

So, I discovered Minplan, and I began working with my coping strategies, and after some weeks, and then suddenly I was sleeping a little better. In addition, I continued working on my breathing and tried to stay connected with my network.


Backed by science

The method is called safety planning and builds upon scientific research; you can find many articles about Minplan in the library. I have read that Minplan is tested in different settings and with other target groups. This information makes me calm and secure about the solution.
In addition, now I know what happens inside my body when I mentally overload, and I make my decisions based on accurate facts.


Getting the power back

At first, I would remember breathing and doing yoga when I felt like it, which was close to never. I now have joined my local gym and do spinning twice a week. I do it for myself, to bring up my power again. I’ve also started working in a local walking group, and we walk together every weekend. I now enjoy visiting my friends, and I am also talking to them about my situation at home.

Nearly myself

So, how do I feel today? Well, most days I have more energy, and I am happy! I love my daughter, and her sickness does not burden me. I can help her and, at the same time, live my own life physically and mentally! Life is wonderful! I feel totally in control, and I no longer have guilt.

Tips for anyone thinking of joining?

To all who are either starting out or already using Minplan, make sure you understand how coping strategies, warning signs and contact are connected.Visit and reread your work from time to time and make sure you see all the videos, as these are so educating and change our way of thinking. Finally, check in with your network often. Please don’t give up hope. There is an answer, and Minplan has the secret key we have all been looking for! You can do this!

Gerda: I was introduced to Minplan by my sister